Turzum-Spring Moonshine Organic Darjeeling White Tea First Flush 2021

MRP 643.00MRP 48,870.00

Dry: Greenish leaves amidst abundant velvety silver tips
Infusion: Very light yellow
New Season 2021 Exotic Spring Tea from the Organic Turzum estate in Darjeeling. High-grown plucked from selective clonal bushes, and minimally processed, this is an out-of-the-world offering that comes with a very delicate flavor of fruitess, reminiscent of local raw peaches, soft clonal hints, and a pleasing and mild floral aroma. An outstanding tea in just a small quantity and possibly the best of the season from the district.
Max Retail Price: 
                                  Rs.        1608.00          10  g    
                                  Rs.        7481.00          50  g
                                  Rs.        14250.00        100 g     
                                  Rs.        40612.00        300  g
                                  Rs.        64303.00        500  g
                                  Rs.        122175.00      1000 g  
(Inclusive of all taxes)
MRP 1,608.00 MRP 643.00
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