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        Darjeeling Green Tea Velvet Cloth Bag ( 3.53oz - 100 Gram )

        Darjeeling Green Teas are much sought after around the world for their health benefits. We only source the finest and young tea leaves and buds to produce a smooth, soft & mildly...

        Darjeeling Loose Leaf Green Tea

        Green Tea is soft and mellow with a mild touch of fruitiness. It is an established health beverage due to the presence of generous amounts of antioxidants. It known to aid...

        Darjeeling Natural Green Tea Bags

        This non-fermented Tea has turned into quite an 'athlete' with its healthy shout-out. Green Tea is rich in natural anti-oxidants and flavanoids which make it a superfood with many benefits.

        Dragon's Den - Small Grower - Darjeeling Green Tea First Flush 2023

        Date of Picking: April 2023   Tasting Notes:- Fruity, mildly vegetal, sweetish                     (Inclusive of all taxes) BEST BEFORE 24 MONTHS  FROM THE DATE...