Avataa Nilgiri Mountain Treasure - Second Flush - 2020

Rs. 223.00 – Rs. 13,241.00

Dry Leaf: Longish twirly leaves mostly black and with few tips and open green leaves 

Tea Infusion: Bright golden

International Tea Day, 21st May 2020 special plucking from the organic Avataa estate in the scenic Blue Mountains / Nilgiris in South India. This classic tea also fetched the highest price for any South Indian tea in recent years, at the special pan-India auction held in June. Delicate leaves carefully plucked and minimally processed through limited fermentation, the golden infusion that brews, sets the palate tickling. The smooth taste of grassiness with vegetal and mildly floral aroma, the tea brings forth a magical effect on the senses and captivates the drinker with its subtle and smooth taste. A one-off production that is rare to come across from this part of India.


Max Retail Price: 
                                  Rs.          223.00         10   g    
                                  Rs.        1040.00         50   g
                                  Rs.        1980.00       100   g     
                                  Rs.        5643.00       300   g
                                  Rs.        8935.00       500   g
                                  Rs.      16976.00     1000   g
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Rs. 1,040.00 Rs. 811.00