The Singtom Tea Estate and resort, built in 1862, is a wonderful styled British planters bungalow burrowed in a lovely garden setting. Everywhere you look, you can only see endless stretches of tea gardens. The glittering lights of the town look so wonderful at night from where you stay. The best element of Singtom is its closeness to Darjeeling town while being far enough to be isolated in the presence of nature. From here you get awesome views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks. You will soon realize that this is one place which packages almost everything of nature and human comfort, all at one place.

As part of your stay in Singtom Resort, you must take a factory tour to see how Darjeeling tea leaves are processed and then made into finished packaged tea. Tea tasting at Singtom is an experience by itself. And it's always a lovely sight to see women plucking tea. There are also four trekking trails that wind around the slopes of the hills and each offers walks through vast stretches of tea bushes, sights of flora & fauna, the forested lands, lovely waterfalls and the Kanchenjunga snow peaks.