Avataa Nilgiri Green Maiden - Second Flush -2020

Rs. 173.83 – Rs. 13,203.58

Dry: Light green leaves consisting mainly of leaf & bud combo.

Infusion: Pale green

 International Tea Day, 21st May 2020 special plucking from the organic Avataa estate in the scenic Blue Mountains / Nilgiris in South India. This unique Green tea also fetched the highest price for any South Indian tea in recent years, at the special pan-India auction held in June, amongst green teas. Tender leaf & bud combo carefully plucked and minimally processed bypassing the conventional fermentation, the pale green infusion that brews, wafts a very subtle aroma of late spring flowers. As one sips, the characteristic and light and soft vegetal taste flow over the palate, much to the drinker's delight. A highly smooth and health-beneficial cup to brew for those in the quest for joie de vivre.

Max Retail Price: 
                                  Rs.          173.83         10   g    
                                  Rs.          808.50         50   g
                                  Rs.        1540.00       100   g     
                                  Rs.        4389.00       300   g
                                  Rs.        6949.25       500   g
                                  Rs.      13203.58     1000   g
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Rs. 808.50