Donyi Polo Oriental Plush - Silver Tips Arunachal Pradesh White Tea - Second Flush 2020

Rs. 450.00 – Rs. 34,209.00

Dry: Velvety greenish/silvery longish tips

Infusion: Very pale yellow

International Tea Day, 21st May 2020 special plucking from the Donyi Polo estate in northeastern India. This classic tea also fetched the highest price amongst  White teas, at the special pan-India auction held in June. 

Delicately plucked and carefully sundried, this special variety of Silver Tips White harvested at the renowned Donyi Polo Estate in Arunachal Pradesh, is a limited edition tea which is very rare to find. Mildly vegetal, with hints of sweetness and sourness, this tea has a hint of floral aroma and makes for a highly soft and soothing cup that enthuses the drinker with disbelief. Am an excellent cup that also comes with immense health benefits.

Max Retail Price: 
                                Rs.         450.00         10    g
                                Rs.       2095.00         50    g
                                Rs.       3990.00        100   g     
                                Rs.     11372.00        300   g
                                Rs.     18005.00        500   g
                                Rs.     34209.00      1000   g  
(Inclusive of all taxes)                                                                           
Rs. 2,095.00