Mokalbari - Gold Coast Tippy Golden Assam Black Tea Second Flush - 2019

Rs. 227.00 – Rs. 17,283.00

Dry: Lush golden/coppery buds with a few stray black leaves.
Infusion: Bright crimson.
Prime summer pick tea from the Mokalbari estate, on the banks of the Brahmaputra river in eastern India's Assam and also known to produce the very best of Tippy Golden teas.  This limited-edition has been produced from the P-126 clones which are known to have much larger buds than leaves by which this speciality is made. Delicate, attractive, and fancy golden tips constitute most of his offering with very few black leaves in view. This bright-liquoring robust tea has the perfect and malty flavour with a smooth and rich aroma that satiates the desire and makes the connoisseur yearn for more. An outstanding tea which has won laurels at the auctions and which is not to be missed.
Max Retail Price: 
                                  Rs.        325.00        10  g
                                  Rs.      1512.00        50  g
                                  Rs.      2880.00      100  g     
                                  Rs.      8208.00      300  g
                                  Rs.    12996.00      500  g
                                  Rs.    24692.00    1000  g  
(Inclusive of all taxes)                                                                      
Rs. 1,512.00 Rs. 1,058.00