Tea Tourism

Tea Tourism is a relatively new concept in the world and Darjeeling is taking a lead in this area. After all, Darjeeling is the Mecca of tea, sprawling with tea estates producing what we know as the "Champagne of Teas" to the world. There are at least 80 tea gardens on the open hill slopes in Darjeeling that span across thousands of acres of land area.

Imagine you are spending your time in the expanse of a serene tea garden. You will reside in a Bungalow that originally housed a British tea planter during the colonial time, wake up and sip a cup of the finest aromatic tea that was authentic to the gardens you are staying in, take a stroll through the garden, talk to the locals and see how they beautifully pluck the two leaves with a bud, learn more about their lives, and have food which is usually made of fresh organic produce straight from the backyard garden. But do note that staying in a plantation estate is not like staying in a luxury hotel. These properties are managed by the family members of the local estate workers and not professionally trained staff. This experience is meant to bring you closer to nature and the garden life.

Tea Tourism is definitely a buzzing word in the world of tourism. And where else will you get the best of all the elements of a tea garden tour other than in the valleys of Darjeeling? Several tea estates in Darjeeling hills even offer vacation packages to tourists to stay in heritage bungalows, experience life in the gardens along with rustic activities and entertainment with local flavour that are rarely found anywhere else in the world. Take a look at some of these estates by clicking on the links below! 


Glenburn Tea Estate                                 Goomtee Tea Estate 

Sourenee Tea Estate                                 Singtom Tea Estate